Curriculum Vitae


Webmaster Certification: Austin Community College, 2007
Specialization: System and Application Programming (Coursework)
M.S. Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences: Texas A&M University College Station, 2001
Thesis: Behavioral Response of Bottlenose Dolphins to Pingers (Coursework)
B.S. Marine Biology: Texas A&M University at Galveston, 1996
Emphasis: Vertebrate Zoology (Coursework)


Web and Technical Program Specialist: Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, June 2005 - December 2006
  • Created and maintained web pages for the Private Lands Program.
  • Created database, web pages and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the Cowbird Trapping Program.
  • Initiated and facilitated the resurrection of the Texas Wildlife Information and Management Systems (TWIMS) project. Served on the TWIMS Steering Committee.
  • Gave oral presentations to wildlife biologists and private landowners at conferences and meetings.
  • Designed technical materials (maps, presentations, spreadsheets, databases, etc.) for Private Lands Program.
Map Analyst: First American Flood Data Services, 2002 - 2003
Assigned flood zone determinations for clients (banks and title companies) using FEMA flood maps, mapping software and other maps, and proprietary databases.
Knowledge Base Administrator & Technical Support Specialist: Data Junction, Jan. 2000 - June 2001.
Provided technical support in call center to clients using relational databases and proprietary data integration software. Redesigned and maintained Knowledge Base.
Toxicology Research Assistant: Coastal Zone Lab, Texas A&M University at Galveston, summer 1999
Conducted toxicology research on the American Oyster Dermocycstidium marinum under the direction of Dr. Sammy Ray, for Dermo Watch, (a Sea Grant project) which estimates a time to a critical level of the oyster parasite Perkinsus marinus, commonly called "Dermo".
Biology of Marine Mammals Lab Instructor: Texas A&M University at Galveston, fall 1998
Responsible for lab lectures, fieldwork and practicals covering a broad-spectrum lab on the taxonomy, evolution, morphology, behavior, and ecology of marine mammals, including sirenians, carnivores, baleen and a toothed whales and dolphins. Fieldwork focused on radio telemetry, theodolite tracking, photo-id methods of studying marine mammal behavioral ecology and necropsies of stranded bottlenose dolphins. Lectures emphasized data acquisition, storage and retrieval, design of scientific experiments, taxonomy, bioacoustics, anatomy and evolution.
Biology II Lab Coordinator and Instructor: Texas A&M University, spring 1998.
Set up, taught and conducted experiments as a survey of structures and functions common to living forms in general. Principal content addressed cell biology, regulation of growth and development, reproduction, evolution and ecology.
Biostatistics Lab Instructor: Texas A&M University, fall 1997
Taught introduction to sampling, experimental design, analysis of data, and testing of hypotheses. Emphasis was on methods applied to biological investigations, parametric and non-parametric techniques, descriptive statistics, analysis of variance, correlation and regression.
Behavioral Ecology Teacher Assistant: Duke University Marine Lab, summer 1997
Taught talented and gifted middle-school students how to research, prepare and present scientific presentations. Assisted with labs and lectures focused on marine science ecology, experimentation and design.
Natural History of Vertebrates Lab Instructor: Texas A&M University, College Station, spring 1997
Taught lab lectures, lab work and gave practicals focused on the detailed taxonomy, natural history, and evolution of reptiles, amphibians, avians and mammalians.



Aquarium Design and Maintenance, May 2001 - July 2002
Aquarium design and maintenance business. Designed, set-up and maintained aquariums for business and homes. Specialized in biotope and natural designs.

Special Projects

Founding Convener, Grassroots Greening Workshop: Gardening in the Blackland Prairie, 2006
Convened, designed and organized a workshop to provide local residents and business owners with information and tools for sustainable gardening and landscaping practices specific to their eco-region. Speakers introduced and described the important role of the Blackland Prairie as an ecosystem and emphasized benefits of native plants from the Blackland Prairie. The present declining state of this rare ecosystem prairie was also emphasized.

Professional Associations


Wildlife Management Website Development, 2006
Oral presentation at Texas Organization of Wildlife Management Areas Conference.
Texas Wildlife Information and Management System (TWIMS), 2006
Oral presentation at meeting for Texas wildlife biologists and managers.
Sex and Age Differences in Dorsal Fin Notches of Bottlenose Dolphins from the Central Texas Coast, 1995
Poster presentation at the Academy of Sciences Conference.


Master's Thesis - The Behavioral Response of Bottlenose Dolphins to Pingers - 2001holly using theodolite

A double-blind, experiment on the ways in which Tursiops truncatus reacted to pingers in the surf zone of the waters off the east end of Galveston Island, TX. A pinger is a small electronic device that emits a high-frequency sound and when fastened to fishing gear, is designed to prevent dolphin entanglement and subsequent drowning in that gear. My opinion is that the pinger worked to a limited degree. I believe it alerted dolphins, who were not otherwise preoccupied, to the presence of the net. In cases where dolphins were chasing food or perhaps engaging in social behavior, they appeared to be less aware of the pingers signal.

More work needs to be done on potentially using pingers with slightly louder sounds in areas where the threat of entanglement is high; although, I caution against this as a routine treatment of gear. Fisherman would need to determine if the risk of increased noise pollution is outweighed by the risk of entanglement before using noisy pingers. Also, I see the pinger as merely an interim mitigating tool rather than a long-term solution.

Pro Bono and Volunteer Work

Wetland Restoration
Galveston Bay Foundation "Marsh Mania" Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge - 2009
Dune Restoration
Artist Boat Galveston Island West end - 2009
Website: Fortenberry Homes, Inc. - 2007
Website Accessibility Redesign Consultation for Austin Cycling Association - 2006
As part of AIR Austin team
Website Accessibility Redesign Consultation for 1001 Knights Orchestra - 2005
As part of AIR Interactive team
Website: Lake Travis Community Computer Lab - 2004
Website: The Association of Charter Educators - 2003 (association now uses an education portal in partnership with other charters)
Internship Coordinator: Marine Mammal Research Program, TX A&M University, January 1998 - June 1999.
Recruited and administered selection and training of interns. Organized training workshops and trained interns in numerous skills associated with the following research projects being conducted in Texas on bottlenose dolphins: 1) low-level monitoring of bottlenose dolphin populations, 2) dolphin association patterns and long-term movements, 3) dolphin interactions with nets and 4) cetacean distribution in the Gulf of Mexico.
Marine Mammal Observer/Scientist: GULFCET II Program, 2-week research cruise, fall 1997holly using bigeyes
Observed and collected environmental, behavioral and ecological data for sperm whales, pan-tropical spotted dolphins, beaked whales, bottlenose dolphins, and sei whales. Project studied distribution, abundance, and habitat of cetaceans in the Northern Gulf of Mexico.
Sea Turtle Research Assistant STFERL: Texas A&M University, summer 1997
Assisted with capture, blood-sampling, blood cortisol level testing, tag-and-release and radio-tracking of Kemp's Ridley sea turtles in Louisiana.
Marine Mammal Research Program Volunteer: Texas A&M University at Galveston, January 1994 - May 1996
  • extensive participation in boat-based survey research of bottlenose dolphins along Texas coast
  • drove boat and collected environmental, photo-id, behavioral, distribution and abundance data
  • extensive data entry and reduction
  • extensive use of vector-based graphic applications (CorelDraw and Canvas) used in fin analysis
  • responsible for darkroom and chemical maintenance and development of photo-id data slide film
    (I have personally developed hundreds of roles of slide film of dolphin dorsal fins)
  • assisted with implementation of bibliographic database of 35,000+ references (using EndNote) on the biology of marine mammals
  • co-authored conference poster presentation on study of dolphin dorsal fin analysis using photo-identification techniques
  • provided extensive training and supervision for all interns in all of the above
Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network Volunteer: October 1993 - December 1996
  • holly with stenellaassisted with beach recoveries of dead, stranded bottlenose and pantropical spotted dolphins
  • assisted in necropsies and collections of biological samples
  • flensed and prepared osteological specimens for storage and research
  • assisted with rescue and husbandry of 11 live-stranded bottlenose and pantropical spotted dolphins and a manatee (i.e. stabilization, tube- and hand-feeding, blood-sampling, respiration rate monitoring, behavioral data collection, and enrichment)